How to make a beautiful nose in 3 minutes | Monster Meal ASMR Eating Sounds | Kluna Tik Style


2018-08-31 21:54:10

Today I show you how to make a beautiful nose in 3 minutes. This method is so easy and simple that anyone can do it at home. Is your nose a complex? Or do you worry about cosmetic surgery? If so, don't worry please. I will be able to solve your troubles. You just have to watch this video 3 times. First, pull your nose firmly with your hand. At this point, pulling the nose to the left and right is the key point. And massage your nose dynamically using your fingers and especially the back of your hand. Because there are many capillaries and olfactory cells in the nose, proper massage is essential. Now you will be able to model with just 3 minutes of investment. Please! Don't forget the subscribe to me! Monster Meal ASMR Channel▶ Also Follow my Instagram Please! XD Monster Meal ASMR Instagram ▶


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