ASMR SHOOP and STIPPLE 😴 (close up personal attention, whispering trigger words & face brushing)


2021-03-23 21:56:02

Shoop Shoop Shoop Stipple Stipple Stipple... You're Beautiful 🥰 So much love to my Patreon supporters who keep my dreams alive (and help to pay the rent for my little recoding office): Jacob Frei, Matthew Hardee, Mr Tattoo, Meghan McDonald, Jenni, Devon Ohr, Gigi! Rain Archer, Michelle Golden, Savi Nien, Tammy Vernol, Your Conscience, The Red Wolf, Kate Biddle, Dani Page, Umba Kalumba, Atlas, Theyseekherthere, SunshineLaPeep, Marina Hanson, Eve Major, Furioushobbit13, Jennifer Thomas, Aaron Booth, Katie, Misa Amane, Jello, Impossible Albatross, Reece, Daniel Ford, Sylvain Gilibert, Ruth Booth, Nat, Sazmotaz & GentleRayne 🤗 Support me and get lots of exclusive content on Patreon:​ Twitter: @asmrtappy Instagram: tippytappyasmr TikTok: PayPal: Ko-Fi (for easy one-off donations): Patreon:​​ Email: ASMR is not a replacement for any sort of medical care, medication, therapy, counselling etc. it is simply a tool for relaxation, sleep, connection, entertainment, good vibes and the pleasant sensation of tingles for those who experience them. This video: ASMR SHOOP and STIPPLE 😴 (Close Up Personal Attention, Whispering & Face Brushing) #ASMR #PersonalAttention #FaceBrushing



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