ASMR for Immeasurable Tingles and Deep Sleep | Unique & Effective Triggers


2021-04-09 05:30:01

ASMR Zeitgeist presents unique and effective triggers for immeasurable tingles and deep sleep!! Listen to a variety of highly tingle-inducing triggers. Some of them are well known and popular, others new and more on the experimental side. Except for some whispering in the intro, this is a no talking ASMR sound assortment. BTW, CHECK OUT MY BRAND NEW ASMR SHORTS CHANNEL: @asmr zeitgeist shorts 00:00 preview and whispered intro 04:19 vacuum cleaner pipe 06:49 Japanese ear cleaning picks 08:14 vacuum pore cleaner 09:38 orbeez 12:10 squishy ball 14:40 paper bowls 17:11 textured silicone sponges 19:31 neck massager 21:05 Liz pillow (available in my merch shop ;) 23:10 cat toy 25:27 orbeez filled squishy 27:50 peeling gloves 30:16 styrofoam filled squishy 33:06 cup 35:10 dish-washing gloves 37:14 strange little bowl 39:39 rubber pom pom 41:47sequin pillow 44:03 spiky massage ball 45:01 barber brush 47:50 vacuum cleaner pipe 50:18 vacuum pore cleaner 52:03 squishy ball 54:13 paper bowls 56:30 textured silicone sponges 58:46 neck massager 01:00:24 Liz pillow 01:02:41 cat toy 01:05:00 orbeez filled squishy 01:07:16 peeling gloves 01:09:57 styrofoam filled squishy 01:12:20 cup 01:14:14 dish-washing gloves 01:16:22 strange little bowl 01:18:33 rubber pom pom 01:20:36 sequin pillow 01:22:46 spiky massage ball 01:23:44 barber brush Please enjoy with headphones to fully experience the binaural ear-to-ear sound. #ASMR describes a physical sensation triggered by various auditory and visual stimuli. Popular ASMR triggers are whispering, eating sounds, tapping, scratching, crinkle sounds, brushing, and many more. ___________ NOW AVAILABLE ON SPOTIFY! (REGULARLY UPDATED) Also, search for ASMR Zeitgeist on other stores and providers. _______________ JOIN THE TRIGGER LAB AND BECOME A MEMBER: _______________ YOU LIKE THIS CHANNEL? SHOW SOME LOVE: Patreon: PayPal: Your support allows me to improve the quality of my content and the quality of YOUR experience! _______________ LET'S GET IN TOUCH: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Email: _______________ CHECK OUT MY MERCH: _______________ MY OTHER VIDEOS: _______________ MY PLAYLISTS: _______________ THANK YOU SO MUCH, SWEET INSOMNIACS & TINGLE LOVERS! ASMR ZEITGEIST



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