ASMR 日本語 メイクショップ💄(音フェチ) / ASMR Japanese Makeup Artist

2017-01-26 23:22:04

こんにちは。ラテです:) これは私の最初の日本語の動?です! ?ヵ月前から日本語を習っていたが、日本語映像を撮りたかったです。 まだ上手くないが、熱心に努力しました! 日本語をもっと勉?して日本語映像もたくさん作るように努力します。 見てくれてありがとうございます( ' ˇ ' )♥ Hi guys! It's Latte :) This video is my first ever Japanese video! I'm so exited XD I've been learning Japanese about several months ago and really wanted to make a video. Although my Japanese is terrible but.. you know how much I love to learn a new language hehe :D This video is going to be a Japanese version of lovely date makeup video that I made before. I hope you enjoy it. Have a nice dream! ♥ p.s. Thank you so much for 100k! Love you guys! ^_^)/♥ If you want to support me ♥ : https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4170402 ★My second channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwpsMeruWTZ8uEBMA9aL8_g ★Instagram https://www.instagram.com/latte_asmr/