ASMR Annual Checkup at the Doctor’s│ Soft Spoken Medical Roleplay


2021-03-11 06:15:00

Hello, welcome to your annual checkup! I'll do my best to make this a soothing experience for you, so just sit back and relax 💤 Thank you all for watching!! This is the first video I've shot with my new ~fancy~ camera, so I apologize for any video mishaps, but I'm pretty happy with how it tuned out tbh 💗 I just wanna thank everyone for your support in getting to this point with my videos! Timestamps: 0:00 Intro and asking questions (writing sounds) 4:13 Taking your weight 5:07 Putting on my PPE 6:16 Listening to your heart and lungs 8:35 Examining your eyes (light triggers, follow the pen) 12:25 Examining ears, mouth and nose 16:16 Feeling your muscles 19:20 Helping you relax your face ----- Connect with me on social media! Twitter: @FluidityASMR Instagram: @fluidityasmr TikTok: @fluidityasmr PayPal tip jar (Help improve the quality of my videos if you feel so inclined! Sending you so much love if you do!! 🥰) I also now have an Amazon Wish List! For business inquiries, please email me at ❣️ ASMR Triggers: Soft spoken Pen writing noises Tapping Glove sounds Personal attention Light triggers Follow the light Face touching Whispers Examining you



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