Relaxing Doctor Eye Exam | Myopia Eye Test | ASMR


2021-03-06 05:32:01

Hello sweets. Today Doctor Shuga will be performing a very relaxing eye exam, Myopia eye test, and this will be a Soft Spoken asmr roleplay This asmr exam will consist of several asmr eye test particular related to myopia or shortsightedness, blurry vision test and other asmr eye exam test. For this medical asmr, I'll be using the Snellen chart test and several other eye examination to check if you are myopic and it will also consist of some visual triggers and light triggers. Welcome to my asmr clinic where I'll be your asmr optician / asmr optometrist and conduct several asmr optical cranial nerve examination while giving you a myopia eye test. In this asmr doctor roleplay, expect: soft spoken asmr, Personal attention, eye tests, eye examination, follow the light (light trigger), asmr vision test, asmr eye chart You can use this asmr eye exam roleplay for asmr sleep (as a sleep aid), for stress relief, for anxiety relief, for depression relief and to help calm you down. If you are new to the asmr community, please give this asmr doctor check up eye exam and this ( realistic asmr eye exam, a chance to help you relax and as a way to find relieve for anxiety and stress. But if you are not a fan of asmr eye test, eye exams or medical asmr roleplay that's okay. I have several other relaxing asmr role-plays you can check out and I'm certain one of them is sure to help you out. Follow me on Instagram: Follow me on Twitter: Disclaimer: This video is created for relief, relaxation and calm from worries, anxiety, negative energy and depression. If you are suffering from severe cases of the above mentioned, please consult your physician. I Post New videos Every: •Monday •Wednesday •Saturday #asmreyexam #asmr #myopia #asmrdoctor #medicalexam #lighttriggers



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