Makeup to Screen 💆 Realistic ASMR [리얼화장/リアル化粧] YSL, Jill Stuart, Benefit [Lips, Eyeliner, Lashes]


2019-10-31 22:27:13

✓ thanks for clicking, press like for me! 💕 ✓ if you have any question to ask or story to tell me, leave a comment, I'll read at next filming! ✓ subtitles (CC) are written by myself to deliver nuances closest. the rest will be updated soon, sorry for the delay & meanwhile enjoy the makeup itself! 💕 ✓ disclaimer: I'm not bald ✓ turn on closed captions for subtitles! ✓ new relaxing video(s) EVERYDAY! please don't let me kill someone. ✓ makeup ASMR ✓ 메이크업 ASMR ✓ ASMR makeup roleplay ✓ ASMR 메이크업 롤플레이 ✓ ASMR korean ✓ 한국인 ASMR ✓ ASMR 한국어 ✓ ASMR personal attention ✓ ASMR makeup korean ✓ ASMR korean makeup ✓ ASMR korea ✓ makeup ASMR roleplay ✓ ASMR 화장 ✓ ASMR メイク ✓ ASMR 韓国 ✓ ASMR ロールプレイ ✓ асмр корейцы ✓ 퍼프 ASMR ✓ ASMR relaxing ✓ 지수 ASMR ✓ Jisu ASMR ✓ 데일리 메이크업 ✓ 시각적 ASMR, visual triggers ✓ ASMR makeup application ✓ 화면터치, 화면태핑 ✓ brush sounds, puff sounds ✓ 브러쉬 소리, 퍼프 소리 ✓ 코덕 맴찢, 코덕들 맴찢 ✓ YSL, Jill Stuart, Benefit ✓ 입생로랑, 질스튜어트, 베네피트 ✓イブサンローラン、ジルスチュアート、ベネフィット #ASMR #KoreanASMR #MakeupASMR



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