ASMR TikTok Compilation [1 HOUR]


2020-07-22 07:00:46

Timestamps below! Hi love ♡ Hope you find rest & tingles from this tiktok asmr compilation, ft. 1 hour of my most popular tiktoks! __ ✧ TIMESTAMPS ✧ 00:01 - 22:52 | 1 minute roleplays & personal attention 22:53 - 28:22 | nail tapping & nail care (minimal talking) 28:23 - 32:12 | food, cat, and room tour 32:13 - 37:51 | asmr in nature 37:52 - 41:53 | random assortment 41:54 - 52:18 | grwm & makeup While you're here, check out some amazing asmrtists on tiktok! @nourishingnobleasmr - @wildheartasmr - @slightsoundsasmr - @zelschkeasmr - @batalasasmr_ - @asmrwithjai - @sophstardustasmr - @jessjessasmr - @ssharmm - @asmrdoctorwho - @peaceandsaraity - @chynauniqueasmr - __ ✧ SOCIAL MEDIA ✧ I N S T A G R A M T I K T O K T W I T T E R __ ✧ MUSIC FEATURED ✧ For those few clips where I layered music! RP & Makeup @shy_labeef - @aesthetic_music - Tapping & Nails @animelandus2 - Dreamy by Elijah Lee - @casferret - Nature @acoustictrench - @llusionmusic - @emileeflood - Etc @pattibroussard - __ ✧ MY LOVELY PATRONS ✧ 🦋🌼🐦 Thank you to Trina Roth, Tara, Meddy Barraball, Leon, ayemci, Sarah D, Wylder, Julianne, Rachel Christina, Jack, KenzCrab, Rachel Thompson, Emma Moor, Courtney Walsh, Abby S, Breauna, Reina Ashley Nomura, _nackjicholson, Amanda S, Andrea Pacheco, availabant, BeanaBop, Bella, Brianna Armendariz, Bryce~, Charlotte Appleyard, Concetta Ginevra, Farhad Dalvi, Get To The Point Already, Greg Florez, Hannah Jane, Juan Rosales, Kat Henry, Leni, Madison King, Michaela Yates, Nicole Ernest, prettylace2020, Rebekah Potts, Reymundo Aguilar Jr., Robert DeMonte, Robert Poor, Sadie M, Sam,, Shelby Dilday, Sophie Harriss, Suus, Tiffany M Stephenson, & ⑊_$⋀M_$∃Pᴉ_⃣_⌊ - ⋈▲Z P A T R E O N T I P J A R (totally up to you, every bit helps and i'm grateful for everyone's support!) __ ✧ MY EQUIPMENT ✧ 📷 Samsung Galaxy S9+ Edit with Kinemaster app Blue Yeti Blackout mic - (affiliate link!) __ Thanks for watching! 𝓶𝓾𝓬𝓱 𝓵𝓸𝓿𝓮 Jocie Hi! My name is Jocie, and I'm just a human happy to be creating ASMR videos : ) I post what I enjoy, meaning lots of: MAKEUP & SKINCARE PERSONAL ATTENTION & NATURE New uploads every single week! For someone who has struggled to love themselves (and continues to struggle on their worse days), ASMR is such a beautiful way to get out of ones negative self talk, laugh a little, and relax. I hope we can all use this channel to practice self acceptance & healing ♡ SUBSCRIBE and join in on the tingles!



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