ASMR Do As I Say To Fall Asleep [Chaotic ASMR]


2021-03-14 07:00:06

Asmr Do As I Say To Fall Asleep [ Chaotic ASMR ] You've been VERY disobedient (naughty, even) and haven't gone to sleep when I strictly forbade you to say awake... This is less chaotic than it is downright bossy, but I hope it helps to send you all to sleep anyways. I don't usually upload on a Saturday night, bc you're probably all watching SNL or Match of the Day, so this'll be a voyage of discovery for everyone, haha :-) The Sound Of Waves by Yukio Mishima (NOT an affiliate link! It's just that it's a great book, and I like to share these things): Amazon UK: Amazon US: Check out these wonderful creators, some big, some small: @Jellybean Green ASMR : @Tea ASMR: @Rapunzel ASMR : @Scottish Undertones : @bi-everything ASMR : @Grace's Grove Audio : Come and say hi! Twitter: Insta: FB:


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