The ASMR spy with quantum of golden eyes never dies till the world is not enough ♬ ASMR EDM


2021-03-14 06:00:13

A little crazy asmr edm music deserves crazy title :) The upper circles are melody visualizers, the lower circles are ASMR beats visualizers. 🙏 Thanks for listening my original asmr music! Comment below and let me know if you liked this. 🔔 Support my channel by subscribing, it would make my day! 👥 Social media: Instagram: Twitter: If you would like to donate to the channel and help me little more: 💎 Join my channel to get access to perks: 💎 Or you can become my patron on Patreon: 💎 HUGE THANK YOU TO MY PATRONS: ☀️ Adrian ☀️ Smokin Moses ☀️ Mike T ☀️ gStone ☀️ Mike L ☀️ Tina von Sengbusch ☀️ David Rendock ☀️ Birch in the woods ASMR MUCH LOVE! ❤️ ♬ MORE OF MY ASMR MUSIC: Summer nights clubbing 🎧 ASMR music (EDM) Nightlife 🎧 ASMR music (EDM) ASMR music 🎧 Hypnotizing melody for sleep 💤 Experimental ASMR BEATS to make you sleepy ASMR CHILL BEATS 🎧 It's morning again and you're feeling so good ASMR BEATS - Where are you? (ASMR lofi hip-hop chill music) © 2021 Matyo. All right reserved. asmr music for fun / asmr edm / rhythmic asmr / asmr electronic dance music / music and asmr / asmr dance music / EDM / IDM / asmr edm / asmr triggers / random triggers / synth sounds and asmr / asmr synth melody / rhythm asmr / rhythm sound / 音フェチ / music 音フェチ / エレクトロニックダンスミュージックASMR / インテリジェント・ダンス・ミュージック / インテリジェント・ダンス・ミュージックASMR / 4/4 / 音楽とasmr #asmr #asmrmusic #asmredm



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