【ASMR】ささやく質問コーナー🎀ゲーマー女子に100の質問 Q&A whisper 100개의 질문


2021-03-12 19:00:18

5000人記念動画です!🧸 ※ゲーム経歴アドバンス抜けてました ※ポケモンXYが抜けてました #ASMR #音フェチ #質問コーナー Twitter https://twitter.com/imia_asmr 🧸⸒⸒ Hello, everyone across the ocean! I'm Mia from Japan. This is the first Q&A video to answer questions. I can only speak Japanese. When I listen to ASMR from overseas, I sometimes don't understand the language. If you ask me questions in the comments, I will translate and answer. I will answer as far as I can understand. Ask me anything! Thank you as always🎀❤︎.*



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