Close ASMR for Those Who Don't Get Tingles😌✨(Your Eardrum Massage, 4K)


2020-06-28 05:00:11

Thanks for waiting a new video for a long time! This is an ASMR for who don't get tingles. XD I tried mic touching, ear cleaning with various tools(mic scratching), breathing, whispering, massaging and tapping. I hope you can enjoy them. :) #ASMR #ASMRSleep 00:00 preview 01:50 massaging your eardrums 09:06 breathing 15:19 inaudible whispering & trigger words (tickle, tap) 20:52 mic scratching like ear cleaning 45:55 lip gloss 47:21 soothing gel massage 53:49 wooden blocks 🍅 PATREON (Donation) : 🍅 Twitch (Streaming): 🍅 Join to member(Exclusive Special Videos) :



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