ASMR Relaxing Scalp Massage, Shampoo and Hair Wash (Long Nails, Scalp Scratching, Hair Brushing)


2021-03-07 07:00:17

In this ASMR Hair Salon/Hairdresser Roleplay I will firstly check the condition of your hair and then applying some moisturising serum to it as you have dry ends. I then start massaging your scalp whilst lightly scratching it with my long nails for ultimate tingles and relaxation. I then detangle you hair as it has gotten so knotty with the massage and brush it smooth. Next I spray your hair with some water and then pour water on to wet it completely for you relaxing hair wash. Then I apply the shampoo and gently give you a relaxing hair wash whilst massaging your hair and scalp. I then rinse it off, softly towel dry it and then detangle your wet hair and brush it smooth all ready for your haircut with my colleague . All throughout we have a nice whispered chit chat about things and your experience. Triggers included: Long Nails, Scalp Massage, Hair Play, Scalp Scratching, Hair Sounds, Water Sounds, Spray Sounds, Shampoo Bubble Sounds, Hair Brushing, Soft Whispers, Towel Dry Sounds, Wet Hair Sounds, Wet Sounds. If you enjoyed the video, please hit the Like button, comment, subscribe and hit the notification bell so you don't miss out on any of my new videos. Subscribe for more relaxing videos: My ASMR Shorts Channel: Find me on Instagram: For Business Enquiries please contact me on: Paypal (If you feel the need to give back): (Any donations given will be used to improve videos for you to enjoy by buying better equipment aka cameras, lighting, props etc. Anything is appreciated and I thank you from the bottom of my heart) My Previous Video: ASMR Cranial Nerve Exam - Medical Roleplay: For more ASMR Hair Wash Roleplay Videos here is a playlist: For more ASMR Hair Salon Roleplay Videos here is a playlist: For more ASMR Roleplay Videos here is a playlist: What is ASMR? ASMR = Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response ASMR is often described as a tingling sensation up your spine triggered by specific sounds or visuals. These videos are intended to relax you and help you sleep. ASMR is triggered by relaxing sounds, gentle whispering, scalp massage. It relieves stress, anxiety, lack of sleep but does not replace any medication and is not a form of therapy. These videos are intended to relax, de-stress you and help you sleep. Subscribe to my other channels: Baking Fun With Nadia: Funny Skits & Comedy: Thanks for watching and enjoy your relaxing sleep, take care and Sweet Dreams!


Relaxing Sleep ASMR


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