Relaxing Hair Salon✂️/ ASMR Haircut & Shampoo


2017-09-24 08:26:18

Hello! This is Latte :) Today I'm a hair stylist and will doing your haircut, shampoo and hair drying. I hope you enjoy it! Thank you so much for watching and all of your kind words! Have a nice day♥ 08:25 starting haircut 20:07 shampooing 29:09 applying hair serum 30:50 hair drying 안녕하세요! 라떼입니다 :) 이번영상은 헤어살롱 입니다. 한국어 버전도 특별한 이상이 없는 한 편집이 끝나는대로 올려보도록 할게요!



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