ASMR TAPPING GLORY | 50+ Triggers. No Talking. 2 Hours.


ASMR Zeitgeist presents our most beloved ASMR Trigger: TAPPING... in all its GLORY! Get yourself ready for a highly relaxing 2 hour(!!) tapping compilation with 50+(!!) tingle inducing triggers! No talking, tapping ONLY! Fast tapping, slow tapping, aggressive or soft tapping, this video contains whatever your ASMR loving heart desires! Lean back and relax! Listen with headphones to fully enjoy the binaural 3D sounds. This compilation features remastered clips from the following videos: ASMR ZEN TRIGGERS | Binaural Bonsai, Talisman Tingles, Soothing Sand Garden & More ASMR EXPERIMENTAL SPA - Unique & Tingly Ear to Ear Treatments THE POWER OF ASMR | Deep Sleep & Intense Tingles (1.5 HOURS!) ASMR For Sweet Insomniacs & Tingle Lovers (1.5+ Hours) ASMR BINAURAL HEAD ATTENTION - New Mic Test. Popular Triggers. Extreme Tingles. ASMR TINGLE RAIN – Umbrella Over the Mic. Spray Sounds. Tapping. Crinkles. ASMR WOOD TRIGGERS - Tapping. Scratching. Carving. ASMR GET INTO SLEEP MODE (35 Minutes) ASMR TINGLE CITY – Whispering & Trigger Sounds for Sleep ASMR Through YOUR Headphones | Cupping. Tapping. Scratching. ASMR TAPPING ON BALLS | Fast. Extreme. Just Balls. ___________ NOW AVAILABLE ON SPOTIFY! (REGULARLY UPDATED) Also search for ASMR Zeitgeist on other stores and providers. _______________ JOIN THE TRIGGER LAB AND BECOME A MEMBER: _______________ YOU LIKE THIS CHANNEL? SHOW SOME LOVE: Patreon: PayPal: Your support allows me not only to improve the quality of my content but the quality of YOUR experience! _______________ LET'S GET IN TOUCH: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Email: _______________ CHECK OUT MY MERCH: _______________ MY OTHER VIDEOS: _______________ MY PLAYLISTS: _______________ THANK YOU SO MUCH SWEET INSOMNIACS & TINGLE LOVERS! C U SOON! :) HUGS, ASMR ZEITGEIST



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