Grandma's Recipes|まさみおばあちゃんのおせち

Grandma’s Recipes
2017-05-25 17:34:25

【長野 虚空蔵】 「平凡に生きちゃったもんな」。8歳から親元を離れ奉公を始め、働き詰めだった99年の壮大な人生を軽やかに笑う正巳さん。表面的なことにとらわれず、日々の平和に感謝し生きる姿から、人生の本質を学びます。 "It was ordinary life." Masami-san smiled, looking back her grand life of 99 years. She started working from 8 years old, living away from her parents and just worked hard. We deeply learn what Life is really about, not only the surface. She lives thanking for peaceful daily life. 【Grandma's Recipes "siwa"】 ほっこり愛らしい見た目とは裏腹に、壮絶な人生を生き抜いて来た「ロック」なおばあち­ゃんたち。彼女たちが常に誰かのためにつくってきた、大切な人やその土地との関係性が­詰まったレシピを丁寧に聞くことで、彼女たちの人生の奥行きに少し触れさせてもらって­います。強くて美しくて柔軟な彼女たちの姿勢が、国や世代を越えて世界中の若い人たち­の目にとまって欲しい。きっと、日々のご飯を頂く瞬間ですら、今までよりちょっと大切­にできるきっかけになると思うから。 世界15ヶ国のばあちゃんたちの話を綴った「ばあちゃんの幸せレシピ」発売中です! https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/4863241119/ 企画・プロデュース:中村 優 (40creations founder) 映像:ディスカバリー号 Our team especially tries to focus on eccentric, lovely but “Rock” ladies above the age of 80, who have lived through World War Two. We interview them with great care, and through their recipes which represents the relationships they share with those they care about, we are able to uncover great depth in their life stories. We want to spread those stories to the young generations living today. We believe that if we can share the stories of those beautiful and loving ladies to the world, regardless of borders and languages, people may appreciate even the dinner table just a little bit more. Planning and Produce : Yu Nakamura ( 40creations.com/ ) Film : Discovery go (discovery-go.jp/)